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Lessons Learned Through Dreamforce Travels

We thought it might be fun to share the antics on our journey as a team to Dreamforce 2022. Today, many of our team’s day began very early, yes like 330am EST. It’s kind of weird texting team members in the middle of the night but hey, we are a tight team lol.

On the very dark ride to the airport, we were all texting with great anticipation, excitement and expectations for what the week would hold. Upon entering the airport, we noticed several things.

1. A lot of people are flying to Dreamforce, We met some along the way.

2. If the diamond lane is longer than the regular checked bag lane, do you wait out of prestige? Most did, we did not and were through security before the prestige team made it to the front of the line. Perhaps prestige is not always worth the inefficiency.

3. We noticed sitting in the middle seat sucks. No, not any new news here, but just had to say it.

4. Flying from the east coast is still a long flight, although our European friends have much farther to go.

5. Being polite to your fellow travelers can still happen even in a post-Covid era.

6. When setting up process automation, why not automate the entire process? Why stop at the baggage tag?

Basically, the lessons learned were fun, entertaining and we all know it is the journey that counts. Being present in the moment and enjoying the fruits of life is so important. Let’s all treat each other with kindness and respect today and know we have been given the gift of another great day to use as we see fit. Live life to its fullest. #Dreamforce2022

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