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Do you know ABL?

As a MOPs professional, learning is a constant. There is a saying we use at Automate 2 Inspire called ABL or Always Be Learning. We strive to demonstrate this in how we work, the offsite activities we choose and in our culture. To that end, last weekend some of our team members attended the Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within in West Palm Beach, Florida. While the weekend was full of excitement, learning and sometimes tears, we all learned much. Below are the top five things that stood out.

1. Prime your mind. This means that each day before your start, focus on a daily practice that puts you in a high energy state. During the training Tony gave examples like focusing on three things you are grateful for, breathing exercises and three goals completed for the day. These visualizations and breathing get you into a high energy state. Also, it is important to do this before turning on the news or ingesting any negative sources.

2. Read 30 minutes a day. This is an ongoing lifelong practice that helps us not only learn new things but keeps us focused on what matters. By reading something of value everyday (not your phone lol) you can expand your mind and creativity.

3. Get physical. Be ready to get physical every day. Use your body to stimulate your mind. We learned during the training that our physiology directly impacts our mood. Want to be happier? Move your body. Want to have more energy? Move your body. Want to get stuff done. Move your body. Get physical and change your world.

4. Set goals. Be sure to set goals. When you reach a goal, get your next goal in place so you always have something to strive towards. Focus on short-term, long-range goals so that you can see progress. Write them down. Be clear. And show gratitude.

5. Celebrate. Be sure to celebrate for both little and big wins. Make sure to feel the celebration within your body and mind. Have fun and get excited.

The weekend was incredible. We learned a lot and enjoyed the teamwork. If you are interested in learning more, check out more about Tony Robbins training.

Unleash your power!!!

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