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AskNya & Family Bonds

By Emillee Greenwell, SEO Manager

AskNya has a company ethos to contribute to the world through enabling families to create work/life schedules based on the individual needs of the family members. By sharing our expertise with our team members and our students, we can support others in enjoying the freedom, knowledge, and flexibility that come from a place where family is at the center of the equation.

Why is AskNya so committed to family bonds? The entire AskNya team knows all to well how stressed it can be to manage schedules, work-life, and kids. Thus, we set out to help others gain the knowledge they need to enable a freedom not found in most corporate jobs. We want to lead the next generation of marketing operations professionals to keep their skills sharp and create a life that's uniquely them--embracing time and space freedom for a new generation of professionals. Covid taught us a lot, as did the onset of technology, like Salesforce. The ability to be in the cloud creates opportunities for people around the world regardless of space, time or position.

There are a variety of ways to learn Salesforce, you can use their Trailheads or visit AskNya starting September 19, 2022, and learn through step-by-step videos that will empower you to create a life you truly are in control of.

Automate2Inspire, the parent company of AskNya is a marketing automation consulting firm that allows employees to work completely remote! Here, employees are not just a hierarchal chain; we are a family.

"Within our family, we promote personal growth and a healthy work/home life balance. We can work at our own pace, make our own schedules, and be present in our personal lives all at the same time. Life is hard enough without missing out on family events, milestones of your children, and just daily life. This style of work allows for a less stressful way of living. Automate 2 Inspire & AskNya is the reason my family is thriving."

- Emillee Greenwell, SEO Manager

The leadership recognizes the importance of familial obligations and supports

every member of her team in every way possible. Financial freedom is another life-changing aspect that comes with joining this forever family. With competitive wages, living

paycheck to paycheck is a thing of the past.

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